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Re: QA logbook

Le Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 06:13:28PM +0000, Colin Watson écrivait:
> QA is something the project should be talking about, partly to help get
> new people interested and generally improve and speed up QA, and partly
> because seeing progress is a good way to improve morale (at least I know
> it's good when I can see my bug count go down).
> What do people think about this? Would you use such a log if it were
> available? 

I'd probably use it (although I haven't done real QA work for a long
time now :-/)

> Do you like the idea of publicly talking about QA's progress?

Yes, anything that can improve QA's visibility and the interest of
people for QA is good. Having a public page where QA people
can get credits for their work is good I think.

> What would be the most convenient way to implement this?

Yet another mailbot. :)

We may also use the work that Jérôme Marant is doing. He's developing
(at least he said he was interested in doing it) a system where we can
feed by mail a news-like portal (per package) :
- you send a mail to <srcpkg>@activity.debian.org
- it immediately appears on http://activity.debian.org/<srcpkg> along
  with the 30 last mails sent to that address (or something like that)

We could use the qa.debian.org virtual package as a "credit page". :)

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