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Bugs tagged help

Here are the bugs currently tagged 'help' (with a few obvious mistakes
filtered out). If you're looking for some good challenging bugs to
attack, these might be worthwhile targets. Send information or patches
as appropriate.

 12094 apache open important help
 25159 apache open normal help wontfix
 34752 mailx open normal help
 37104 mailx open normal help
 40649 debhelper open wishlist help
 44065 portmap open normal help
 46059 clisp forwarded important help
 59998 apache open important help
 62116 clisp forwarded normal help
 64853 clisp forwarded normal help
 68978 apache open normal help
 71118 xmms forwarded normal help moreinfo
 71759 mailx open normal help
 90606 apache open normal help
 98053 freesweep forwarded normal help
 98335 mindterm open normal help
100920 abuse-sdl open grave help
104742 xlogmaster open important help
104887 libprpc-perl open important help moreinfo
105820 apache open important help
107437 gs open normal upstream help
108445 ipopd-ssl open grave help
108663 pchar forwarded important help
108901 clisp forwarded important help
111285 clisp open serious help
113523 bonsai open normal help
113723 xmms-cdread forwarded normal help moreinfo
113900 php4 open normal help
113941 joe open important help
115121 mozilla-browser open minor help moreinfo unreproducible
115625 maildrop forwarded critical help potato
117352 nase-a60 open serious help
117685 xpostit open important help
118602 lprng open grave potato help
118839 plex86 open minor help
123020 lopster open normal help
123130 man-db open important help
124071 webmagick open normal help moreinfo
125736 perlmagick open normal help moreinfo
126925 apache open normal help
127155 pchar forwarded important help

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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