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Re: old ITAs

Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> writes:

> I'm already working on a script that does exactly this (and more). I'ld
> welcome all help though.

Ok, well, I'll start on the current crop by hand, and then when the
script is ready, we can give it a whirl too.

> > However, two questions:
> >   How old an ITA should I poke at?  One year?  Six months?  Two weeks?
> >   How long should I give an ITAer to respond before turning it to O?
> This was discussed on -qa some time ago. IIRC, the conclusion was 4 to 6
> weeks. 

Ok, given that I've heard two weeks, four weeks, and six months, I'll
say "one month".  But since I'll start with the oldest, it's not so

I think it seems to me that the ITAers should get two weeks to confirm
their ITA.


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