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Re: microwindows build status

> > I think that's a drastically unfair judgement.  I would rather ask
> > every maintainer to do a few extra steps for the quality of their
> > packages (or better yet, to improve automated systems to notify
> > (opt-in) maintainers about such problems).  The port maintainers
> Such as the package subscription stuff just mentioned on debian-qa?  I

I don't think that suggestion covers it. Unless you mean to say one of the
'subscribers' is made responsible for checking the build logs, by
arrangement of the package maintainers. 

> don't think having a brief email sent each time a package is autobuilt
> would be too much.  (I'd prefer a single email sent when a new version
> is uploaded, build reports for all architectures, but I don't thik the
> buildd's are syncronized that well.)

They are not synchronized at all. But a build log could be sent
automatically to the maintainer, or <package>@debian.org (either for all
packages, or none as far as I'm concerned). Subscribing to receive build
logs - that's something you should talk to the build.debian.org admins

> > Of course, I expect James to insert a comment here about how it isn't
> > really that much work... but we all accept that James is superhuman.



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