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Re: microwindows build status

Michael Schmitz <schmitz@mail.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:

> That's why (only the last of four identical errors). According to the
> package listing page at http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages there's no
> libmwdrivers.a in any of the PowerPC packages, any distribution. On ix86
> the file is in libmicrowindows0-x11-dbg which (surprise) has source
> microwindows_0.88pre11. Explain. Maybe the missing .depend has something
> to do with it? Where should that come from?

Circular dependencies in make are not actually bugs (though they do
indicate sloppy programming).

Alas, the package is really awful.  Take a look at the contents of
microwindows_0.88pre11.orig.tar.gz if you want to see part of why.

AFAICT, microwindows is not in use by any other Debian packages.  So
it seems to me, that given limited QA time available, I should file a
wishlist bug to reorganize the package source, and for now, let
#121459 serve to happily keep the package out of woody.  If someone
wants to fix it, bless them.


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