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Re: Stale ITAs done

On 3 Jan 2002, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

> Ok, I've gone through all the ITAs on the wnpp list and used Adrian's
> algorithm.
> Two more wnpp maintenance questions:
> 1) There are a metric ton of ITPs.  *Something* should be done.  But I
>    don't know what.

I did sometimes start to go through the ITPs using the same algorithm
(whether an inactive ITP should be closed or renamed to RFP usually
depends on the package - if e.g. upstream is dead it doesn't make much
sense to rename it to RFP) but I never managed to make a complete run
through all of them.

I did also once start to go through the RFPs and I was wondering how many
of them were dead projects. After eliminating RFPs for dead projects a
final goal would have been to send the list of open RFPs once to

The main problem is that it's very much work if every six months a person
comes and tries to go through the WNPP bugs. That's something I hope it
will become with my proposal of testing tasks - there are people
responsible for WNPP who try to get such things done reguarly (either by
doing it themselves or by asking for help on debian-qa or eventually


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