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Re: [Debian-med-packaging] Bug#699260: Help (Was: Bug#699260: r-cran-genabel: FTBFS: error: subscript out of bounds) Announcement: New mail filters and subscription in place Bug#660175: marked as done (RFS: fcgi-daemon/0.20111121-1 [ITP] -- Perl-aware FastCGI daemon) Bug#663455: marked as done (RFS: m2m-aligner/1.1-1 [ITP] -- many-to-many alignments for string transduction) Bug#663455: marked as done (RFS: m2m-aligner/1.2-1 [ITP] -- many-to-many alignments for string transduction) Bug#663455: RFS: m2m-aligner/1.0-1 [ITP] -- many-to-many alignments for string transduction Bug#663455: RFS: m2m-aligner/1.0-1 [ITP] -- many-to-many, alignments for string transduction Bug#664246: marked as done (RFS: gm-assistant/1.1.8-1 [ITP]) Bug#665354: marked as done (RFS: viennacl/1.3.1+dfsg-1 (for experimental)) Bug#667904: marked as done (RFS: mitlm/0.4-1 [ITP] -- MIT Language Modeling toolkit) Bug#667904: RFS: mitlm/0.4-1 [ITP] -- MIT Language Modeling Bug#667904: RFS: mitlm/0.4-1 [ITP] -- MIT Language Modeling toolkit Bug#670452: marked as done (RFS: fractgen/2.0.14-1 [ITP]) Bug#674109: marked as done (RFS: turses/0.2.10-1 [ITP] -- Twitter client for the console) Bug#683473: marked as done (RFS: podget/0.6.9-1) Bug#685307: marked as done (RFS: ccl/1.8+svn15443-1 [ITP]) Bug#686023: marked as done (RFS: fonts-pecita/3.4-2) Bug#686663: marked as done (RFS: glbd/0.7.5-2 [ITP]) Bug#687083: marked as done (RFS: heybuddy/0.2.4-1 [ITP] -- light microblogging client) Bug#687209: marked as done (RFS: confctl/1.1-1 [ITP] -- Utility to parse and modify C-like configuration files) Bug#687394: marked as done (RFS: fortuner/0.4.0-1 [ITP]) Bug#687438: marked as done (RFS: krazy2/0~git20120912-1) Bug#687563: marked as done (RFS: opengrm-ngram/1.0.3-1 [ITP] -- opengrm n-gram library) Bug#687563: RFS: opengrm-ngram/1.0.3-1 [ITP] -- opengrm n-gram library Bug#687564: marked as done (RFS: irstlm/5.80.01+dfsg-1 -- [ITP] IRST Language Modeling Toolkit) Bug#687564: RFS: irstlm/5.80.01-1 -- [ITP] IRST Language Modeling Toolkit Bug#689692: marked as done (RFS: byzanz/0.3.0+git20120930-1 [ITA]) Bug#689941: marked as done (RFS: fvwm/1:2.6.5.ds-1 [ITA]) Bug#693563: marked as done (RFS: openyahtzee/1.9.1-2 [ITA] --classic dice game of Yahtzee) Bug#693565: marked as done (RFS: supertransball2/1.5-5 [ITA] -- Thrust type of game) Fwd: Re: Bug#694418: ITP: fits ... help needed for watch file Bug#694459: Ping about #694352 and the proposed sponsored package in #694459 Bug#694776: RFS: sglib/1.0.4-1 [ITP] - dependency-less, header-only data structures in C Bug#694778: A little test message to see whether our filters work now Bug#694778: RFS: tcpflow/1.3.0-1 [ITA] TCP flow recorder Bug#694817: marked as done (RFS: mcelog/1.0~snapshot20121127-1~exp1 [ITA]) Bug#695366: RFS: gringotts/1.2.10-1 Re: Bug#696192: RFS: matanza/0.13+ds1-3 [updated] -- Space ascii war game Bug#696337: marked as done (RFS: dualword/1.2.1-1 [ITP] [new package]) Bug#696337: RFS: dualword/1.3.0-1 [ITP] [new package] Re: Bug#696385: RFS: astromenace/1.3.1+ds-1 [ITP] -- hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities Bug#696782: marked as done (RFS: sequitur-g2p/0.0.r1668-1 [ITP] -- Grapheme to Phoneme conversion tool) Bug#696782: RFS: sequitur-g2p/0.0.r1668-1 [ITP] -- Grapheme to Phoneme conversion tool Bug#696899: RFS: premake4/4.3-1 [ITP] -- cross-platform build script generator Bug#697123: RFS: python-fdb/0.9.9-2 Bug#697142: RFS: libgetoptionkit-php/1.2.1-1 [ITP] - CLI option parser for PHP Bug#697241: RFS: libscalar-does-perl/0.11-01-1 [ITP] Bug#697250: RFS: metaphoneptbr/1.12.36-1 [ITP] -- phonetic string for brazilian portuguese Bug#697413: RFS: libapp-cpanoutdated-perl/0.24-1 [ITP] Bug#697474: RFS: libsql-abstract-more-perl/1.9-1 [ITP] Bug#697627: RFS: gogglesmm/0.12.7-1 Bug#697671: RFP: libwebsockets -- C Websockets Server Library Bug#698317: marked as done (RFS: kmess/ (update, fixes an RC bug)) Bug#698317: RFS: kmess/ (update, fixes an RC bug) Bug#698432: RFS: pfm/1.5.4-2 Bug#698501: RFS: vorbisgain/0.37-3 -- add Replay Gain volume tags to Ogg Vorbis files Bug#698547: RFS: jabberd2/2.2.17-1 [ITA] Bug#698548: RFS: jabber-muc/0.8-4 [ITA] Bug#698557: RFS: noblenote/1.0.7-1 [ITP] Bug#698557: Small mistake Bug#698557: wnpp inconsistencies Bug#698599: RFS: eggdrop/1.6.21-1 [ITA] Bug#698646: marked as done (RFS: acetoneiso/2.3-3 -- feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images) Bug#698646: RFS: acetoneiso/2.3-3 -- feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images Bug#698686: marked as done (RFS: gtk2-engines-qtcurve/1.8.16-1) Bug#698686: RFS: gtk2-engines-qtcurve/1.8.16-1 Bug#698752: RFS: boinctui/2.2.0 (ITP #696702) -- Fullscreen text mode manager for Boinc client Bug#698853: marked as done (RFS: gosa/2.7.4-4.1 [RC] [NMU] -- make package installable again) Bug#698853: RFS: gosa/2.7.4-4.1 [RC] [NMU] -- make package installable again Bug#699100: RFS: love/0.8.0-1+deb7u1 [RC, NMU, TPU] Bug#699150: RFS: begin/0.1.1-1 (ITP #699113) Bug#699273: marked as done (RFS: cdrdao/1:1.2.3-1 [QA]) Bug#699273: RFS: cdrdao/1:1.2.3-1 [QA] Bug#699474: RFS: b43-fwcutter/1:017-1 [ITA] Closing RFS bugs Comments on Help (Was: Bug#699260: r-cran-genabel: FTBFS: error: subscript out of bounds) Help in packaging gedit-classbrowser3g Help in packaging gedit-projects Migrating from experimental to unstable Need mentor for packaging Ambulant multimedia playback engine Package for Seed7 Package version numbers Packaging a Patched Kernel problem shlib error 9 output status error 2 : need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH Processed: libapp-cpanoutdated-perl: block ITP 697403 by RFS 697413 Processed: libgetoptionkit-php: block ITP 696183 by RFS 697142 Processed: libscalar-does-perl: block ITP 697236 by RFS 697241 Processed: libsql-abstract-more-perl: block ITP 697468 by RFS 697474 Processed: metaphoneptbr: block ITP 679013 by RFS 697250 Processed: python-fdb: block ITP 696950 by RFS 697123 Processed: Re: Bug#694778: RFS: tcpflow/1.3.0-1 [ITA] TCP flow recorder Processed: Re: Bug#695366: RFS: gringotts/1.2.10-1 Processed: retitle to RFS: irstlm/5.80.01+dfsg-1 -- [ITP] IRST Language Modeling Toolkit Processed: retitle to RFS: python-kmod/0.9-3 [ITP] (#696403) Processed: RFS: dualword/1.3.0-1 [ITP] [new package] Processed: RFS: python-fdb/0.9.9-2 [ITP] Processed: your mail RFS: jabberd2/2.2.17-1 [ITA] Re: RFS: Lazarus/ want to get involved to fix blt package Re: Work-needing packages report for Jan 25, 2013 The last update was on 13:13 GMT Sun Aug 20. 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