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Bug#687564: RFS: irstlm/5.80.01-1 -- [ITP] IRST Language Modeling Toolkit

* Giulio Paci <giuliopaci@gmail.com>, 2013-01-01, 16:29:
Where is the source for the scripts/other/astyle_* binaries?

They are not included neither in the tarball, neither in the upstream repository. Those files are not used, so I will ask upstream to remove them from future releases. In the meanwhile I repackaged the tarball without the scripts/other directory, I added a get-orig-source target to debian/rules and updated watch file accordingly.

Unfortunately, get-orig-source doesn't work here:

$ ./debian/rules get-orig-source
debian/rules:61: warning: overriding recipe for target `get-orig-source'
/usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/upstream-tarball.mk:86: warning: ignoring old recipe for target `get-orig-source'
mkdir -p /temporary
mkdir: cannot create directory `/temporary': Permission denied
make: *** [get-orig-source] Error 1

Jakub Wilk

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