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Bug#695366: RFS: gringotts/1.2.10-1

On Tue, Jan 08, 2013 at 12:50:16AM +0100, Jose G. López wrote:
> I have doubts here. I changed to GPL2+ to be compatible but previous
> package (Wesley's) was released as GPL3 and I'm not sure if I can
> relicense debian files as GPL2+. Completed the license paragraph, too.

You cannot relicense the debian files to GPL-2+ without the explicit
consent of the original authors. This is not a problem though. Upstream
has licensed their source as GPL-2+ which your copyright file correctly
expresses now. The debian files need to be licensed as GPL-3+ due to the
choice of the previous maintainer. Due to the "or any later version"
language you can "upgrade" the GPL upstream uses to three and the
licenses get compatible. So whereas GPL-2 and GPL-3 are incompatible,
GPL-2+ and GPL-3+ (as used in your package) are compatible.


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