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Bug#699150: RFS: begin/0.1.1-1 (ITP #699113)

Hi all,

Thanks for the input on this.

Timo: I have fixed that issue now along with (almost) all other warnings from lintian.

Stuart: I appreciate your input, and if this is the consensus of the Debian Community I will of course abide by it. However I have a few arguments for my case :)

1. There are always a lot of ways to do stuff in the *nix world. I this case you could use egrep, awk or I am sure some other tool as well. However I think those ways of doing it is more complex and not as easily accesible as with begin. I have writen a program that does one thing (and I think that it does it well) because I had a need for it. I work a lot with config-files in my day to day work and I always find it easier to find stuff in the config when I am on a cisco-box then when I am on the servers. I had an itch so I scratched it and I figured someone else might have that itch too.

2. The name is taken from the cisco command that I have have reimplemented. I think it is a good name as it describes the function of the program and it is well known for those who do work on network equipment. That being said, I wouldn't mind changing the name of the package/binary to something else, say mbegin or something if the consensus is that the name is an issue. I am more interested in the function than the name.

I might well look into joining a team no matter what happens to this package. I think it would be fun to be more involved in my favorite distro (which is why I started packing this utilty for Debian).

Best regards,

2013/1/28 Stuart Prescott <stuart@debian.org>
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Hi Mikael,

As I mentioned in #debian-mentors yesterday, I find it difficult to justify
a Debian package for a tool that could be replaced by existing tools like
"awk /foo/,EOF" much less a package and binary name that are so generic. We
try to avoid generic program names in the $PATH namespace (like "node", for

I realise that you've done a lot of work learning how to package this and
you'd like to see your work included in Debian. Perhaps I could encourage
you to contribute to existing packaging teams where you can see packages
already in (hopefully) good shape from which you can learn. Working within a
team can also help you be more productive in a shorter time. If you're not
sure where to look for teams that want help, the "rc-alert" or "wnpp-alert"
commands can give you a list of packages and bugs that pertain to what is
installed on your system.


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