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Bug#698853: RFS: gosa/2.7.4-4.1 [RC] [NMU] -- make package installable again

On 01/24/2013 17:01, Michael Biebl wrote:
> On 24.01.2013 16:09, Dominik George wrote:
>> -  a2enmod headers
>> +  [[ -x /usr/sbin/a2enmod ]] && a2enmod headers
> Unfortunately the fix is not good enough. Two issues:
> a/ the script uses set -e, this means it will it exit with an error if
> a2enmod is missing

I learned that this is not true:

% bash -c 'set -e; false && true; echo Ha.'

Which I found surprising. But I would suggest to use "if ...; then ...;
fi" anyway.


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