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Bug#687563: RFS: opengrm-ngram/1.0.3-1 [ITP] -- opengrm n-gram library

* Giulio Paci <giuliopaci@gmail.com>, 2013-01-03, 00:20:
Now I get this:
| /usr/bin/make  check-TESTS
| make[4]: Entering directory `/build/opengrm-ngram-6ZveSN/opengrm-ngram-1.0.3/src/test'
| PASS: ngramprint_test.sh
| PASS: ngramcount_test.sh
| PASS: ngrammake_test.sh
| PASS: ngrammerge_test.sh
| PASS: ngramshrink_test.sh
| PASS: ngraminfo_test.sh
| PASS: ngramperplexity_test.sh
| PASS: ngramsymbols_test.sh
| PASS: ngramrandgen_test.sh
| PASS: ngramapply_test.sh
|   Running 9 random trials...
| FATAL: SetFlags: Bad option: --seed=
I guess it's because of bashisms in the failing script:
Indeed that was the reason. It is fixed now.

It's now:

  seed1=`od -A n -N 2 -t u2 $RANDOMFILE`
  seed1=`printf %d $seed1`

Is that pritnf only to strip whitespace? If yes, these two lines could be rewritten as:

  seed1=`od -A n -N 2 -t u2 $RANDOMFILE | xargs`

(But that's of course not very important.)

Typo in src/test/ngramcount_test.sh: determinitic -> deterministic.

As far as I can see, the test scripts create temporary files in an insecure way.

Jakub Wilk

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