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Re: Packaging a Patched Kernel

I would suggest that you take a look at the existing Linux patch
packages in Debian:

pabs@chianamo ~ $ aptitude search '(kernel|linux)-patch'
p   kernel-patch-atopacct                                         -
save additional statistical counters for atop in the record
p   kernel-patch-atopcnt                                          -
additional statistical counters for atop
p   kernel-patch-scripts                                          -
Scripts to help dealing with packaged kernel patches
p   kernel-patch-viewos                                           -
View-OS - Kernel patch for better UMView performances
p   linux-patch-debianlogo                                        -
Display a Debian logo on a framebuffer device at boottime
p   linux-patch-grsecurity2                                       -
grsecurity kernel patch
p   linux-patch-lustre                                            -
Linux kernel patch for the Lustre Filesystem
p   linux-patch-tuxonice                                          -
TuxOnIce (aka suspend2) kernel patch
p   linux-patch-xenomai                                           -
Linux kernel patches for Xenomai



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