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Bug#694776: RFS: sglib/1.0.4-1 [ITP] - dependency-less, header-only data structures in C

(I don't intend to sponsor this package, sorry.)

* Dima Kogan <dima@secretsauce.net>, 2012-11-30, 00:03:

Link to .dsc for the lazy:

Typos in doc/index.html.sss:
inplementation -> implementation
occurence -> occurrence
withount -> without
elemens -> elements
usualy -> usually
finaly -> finally
memebr -> member
lenght -> length

Typos in samples/hash.c:
occurences -> occurrences

Typos in samples/rbtree.c:
occurences -> occurrences
paramaters- > parameters

doc/sssi creates temporary files in insecure way. It also contains bashisms:

$ checkbashisms doc/sssi
possible bashism in doc/sssi line 31 (should be '.', not 'source'):
                source ${tmp}
possible bashism in doc/sssi line 35 (should be '.', not 'source'):
                source ${tmp} >> ${output}

Once the above problems are fixed, please rebuild documentation from source at build time.

Upstream provides a test suite (samples/selftest.c). Please run it at build time.

Wouldn't it make more sense to set Homepage field to
http://sglib.sourceforge.net/ ?

License text in machine-readable copyright file should be indented by exactly one space. (More that one is not syntactically wrong, but it's likely not what you meant; see Policy §5.6.13 for details.)

"License: GPL-1+ or any OSI-approved license" is not syntactically valid in DEP-5 copyright files, as license names cannot contains spaces.

The upstream's "license conditions" leaves a lot to be desired... They wrote:

License Conditions: You can use a verbatim copy (including this copyright notice) of sglib freely in any project, commercial or not. You can also use derivative forms freely under terms of Open Source Software license or under terms of GNU Public License.

What does "use" mean? For example, Does it include (re-)distributing the software?
Is "GNU Public License" supposed to mean "GNU General Public License"?
What does "Open Source Software license" mean?
Texts of none of the mentioned licenses are included in the tarball, so how do I know which rights have been granted and on what conditions?

If you need to use a derivative form in a commercial project, or you need sglib under any other license conditions, contact the author.

Does it mean that I can't "use" the software under the licenses mentioned above in "commercial" projects without contacting the author?

(I'm purposefully ignoring what upstream wrote on the homepage; it's not particularly unambiguous either.)

Jakub Wilk

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