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Bug#663455: RFS: m2m-aligner/1.0-1 [ITP] -- many-to-many, alignments for string transduction

* Giulio Paci <giuliopaci@gmail.com>, 2013-01-14, 01:47:
Typo (in many files): reverved -> reserved.

Would you mind filing a bug against tclap, too? (Either upstream or in the Debian BTS.)

I think these options should be enabled only if DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt is not set:
-funroll-all-loops -fpeel-loops -ftracer -funswitch-loops

What about -pthread? It's now passed only if noopt is unset. It doesn't seem to be needed at all, so I would drop it.

Do you think upstream could be persuaded to write a test suite? Even a minimal one would be better than nothing.
I will try to ask.

Great, thanks.

Jakub Wilk

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