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Cliente Bradesco Processo de Cadastramento Pendente Nº **** 08479 [Fwd: VICE] Advice on an interesting package Arm Elf Toolchain Re: Bug#573745: No response from official maintainer Re: Debian and Patents Re: Default Configuration Issues Doubt about bugs in medit Doubts in Sigar packaging freeimage (updated package) git-buildpackage and patches Help with uswsusp How to adopt wmmixer How to compare source package contents between revisions with 3.0 quilt format i18n issues, especially man pages Include 0AD, a new fancy 3D RTS Is Debian Repeat Secure? ITH! webalizer Mentor needed for scmbug package mounting cdrom by ordinary program Re: Movin discussion from debian-mentors to debian-doc Movin discussion from debian-mentors to debian-doc [Was: problem with lintian overrides] No response from official maintainer package maintainer question Re: packaging help policy for location of web content - application uploaded images popcon question postinst script problem with lintian overrides question about proprietary libraries reinclude removed package: soci reprepro signing. RFS(future freeze exception): mobile-broadband-provider-info (updated package) RFS: ase - Allegro Sprite Editor RFS: compactheader RFS: compactheader (updated package) RFS: crunchyfrog RFS: (updated package) RFS: dbmail (updated package) RFS: downloadstatusbar (Third try) RFS: emerald RFS: emerald-themes Re: RFS: faenza-icon-theme RFS: fdclone (updated package) Re: RFS: flightgear, fgfs-base and simgear (updated packages) and 16 new flightgear related packages (attempt three) RFS: freeimage (updated package) Re: RFS: ftputil RFS: gkrellm-cpufreq RFS: gnome-gmail - Add Gmail support to GNOME RFS: gnustep-back (RC bugfix) RFS: gnustep-gui (RC bugfix) Re: RFS: gpick Re: RFS: hydra (updated package) RFS: ia32-libs (updated package)Dear mentors, RFS: kstars-data-extra-tycho2 RFS: libmatheval (updated package) RFS: libmatrixssl 3.1.2 RFS: Looking for a sponsor for Scmbug Re: RFS: lowpan-tools RFS: mandos (updated package) RFS: matrixssl RFS: mediathekview RFS: meta-gnustep (2nd attempt, RC bugfix) RFS: meta-gnustep (updated package) RFS: mpg321 (New upstream release) RFS: ooo-thumbnailer (updated package) RFS: openshot (updated package) RFS: ora2pg (updated package) RFS: owfs Re: RFS: packagekit RFS: packagekit (ping) RFS: packagekit (ping2) RFS: pidgin-twitter (new upstream release, 2nd try) RFS: pyragua (updated package) RFS: pysolfc (replacement for removed package: pysol) RFS: python-django-threadedcomments RFS: python-django-voting RFS: python-mechanize (updated package) RFS: QA: libjackasyn 0.11-5 RFS: qhimdtransfer - Transfer software for MiniDisc RFS: ripit (updated package) RFS: sima Re: RFS: sima (some precisions) Re: RFS: sisc RFS: sslh (updated package) RFS: useragentswitcher (Third try) RFS: vavoom Re: RFS: veusz RFS: (NMU, RC bugfix) RFS: wmmixer (orphaned package) RFS: xburst-tools RFS: xfe (updated package) Re: RFS: xinput-calibrator Type 3.0 (quilt) source packages aditional original tarballs Uncertain solutions in packaging buildbot 0.8.1 The last update was on 07:33 GMT Thu May 12. There are 270 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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