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Re: RFS: compactheader (updated package)

Hi, Williams.

The package is better, but there are still some issues (I hope that this
gets uploaded as I am itching to use it).

On Sep 03 2010, Williams Orellana wrote:
> xul-ext-compactheader - Icedove extension to reduce header size to on or
> two lines

* The short description has a typo "onE or two lines".

* The watch file treats beta versions as final versions. Please steal
  the file that I put on my PPA:


* You forgot to change the license of your packaging to be the same of
  the upstream package.

* Another thing to think about: I like the way to avoid copies of
  licenses of common packages (e.g., the MPL-1.1), but I am not sure if
  refering to other package's files (aside from /usr/share/common-licences)
  is allowed.

  This is especially the case as you are refering to a package that may
  not be installed when you install your package. I guess that you
  should probably refer to the xulrunner package instead of iceweasel.


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