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Re: Help with uswsusp

On 07/09/10 00:36, Eriberto wrote:
To get more explanations you should use lintian -i on the .changes
file. Use the -I option to get minor warnings too (and make the
package cleaner).

An example:

lintian -iI foo_0.1-1_i386.changes


Eriberto - Brazil

2010/9/6 Rodolfo kix Garcia<kix@kix.es>:

The package has three problems with lintian:

- maintainer-upload-has-incorrect-version-number 0.9-0.0 (normal)
- unused-debconf-template (minor)
- hyphen-used-as-minus-sign (whislist)

But I don't know how to solve it :-?

Thanks Eriberto,

the problem is that I don't know how to solve it or if it is really is a problem. I used -I -i and --show-overrides with lintian.

1. The package version is 0.9 but lintian says that I can't use dots in the package version. :-? 2. I am not sure if the templates are used or not, because I don't create them (comes from 0.8). I read about the lintian problem, but I am not sure to delete the files because can be used. 3. The manpages are created using XML, and then converted. I can view them without problems.



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