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Arm Elf Toolchain

Paul Wise drew my attention to this post, I'm not subscribed to mentors
anymore but please DO NOT CC: me - take the entire thread to
debian-embedded@lists.debian.org instead (where I am subscribed along
with all of those Debian people who are routinely building and using
cross-building toolchains in Debian.)

> Hello,
> I am building packages for the arm elf toolchain.

By ELF, I'm assuming you mean the ELF binary format but that then
doesn't describe which ABI or even endianness. Please clarify.

ARM is the Debian name for the old StrongARM port
armel is the Debian name for ARMv5 EABI
armhf is the proposed Debian name for an ARM8 port to run on devices
like the Efika Genesis.
ARM9 chips like OMAP4 will use armel.

> However I have ran in
> to some problems. The three components binutils, the gcc and newlib are
> in different packages.

As they should be.

> To build the toolchain you compile binutils, then
> the make the all-gcc and install-gcc targets of the gcc, then compile
> newlib, then return to the gcc and make the all target. See here
> http://www.gnuarm.com/support.html , at the bottom of the page.

Try looking at the Emdebian cross-building toolchain stuff which is
likely to be more useful.


> I have done everything so far except run the all target for the gcc. How
> do I build the newlib-arm-elf package in the middle of building the
> gcc-arm-elf package? Or is there another way of approaching the problem?


The correct list for these enquiries is the debian-embedded list:



Neil Williams

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