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Re: Help with uswsusp

On Wed, 08 Sep 2010 07:11:16 +0200, Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org>
> On 07.09.2010 21:15, Rodolfo kix Garcia wrote:
>> On 07/09/10 01:40, Kan-Ru Chen wrote:
>>> Hi!
>> Now I am trying to maintain the database (from 8 months ago), and the 
>> project was moved from sourceforge to git.kernel.org, but there is not
>> new version in the webpage. The database is important because it has
>> flags for the suspend to ram, an example:
> With KMS all those quirks are obsolete and actually harmful, if you try
> apply
> those quirks when using KMS (I got bug reports agains pm-utils where
> suspend/resume failed because of that).

Yes, this is correct. The problem is that now, the kernel is moving from
old kernels to new KMS kernels. Probably Rafael can offer more information
about this.

> Maintaining a database outside of the kernel has no future.
> We learned that the hard way with hal/pm-utils

Yes, this is correct. The future of uswsusp is (probably, Rafael, is

* For s2ram, delete all function relative to the database (and the
database), and maintain the command. Basically s2ram will do something like
"echo ram > /sys/power/state"
* For s2disk, s2both, maintain their functions, compression, splash, ...,
because they do not use the database.

The problem is what to do with the Debian package now. Continue with the
0.8 version, with 85 bugs (some of them solved in the 0.9 git version) or
don't do nothing now and wait for the next uswsusp (suspend-utils) "1.0"
without database.

> That said, I very much doubt the usefulness of s2ram in a KMS world.
> still has some nice features (like compression, splash support etc)
> the
> in-kernel swsusp has not.
> Michael

Thanks Michael, Rafael.

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||\\// //\\ http://www.kix.es/

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