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LED Lights Re: [Debian-med-packaging] Bug#984063: Please lets coordinate itk4/itk5 issues (Was: Bug#984063) [Help needed] eegdev: FTBFS: ./doc/examples/library-usage/eegdev_acq.c:214: undefined reference to `rpl_free' [RFH] opensurgsim Bug#997265 Re: Accepted cif-tools 1.0.0-4 (source) into unstable Re: Accepted ncbi-vdb 2.11.2+dfsg-2 (source) into unstable Re: Any volunteer to verify autopkgtest of spades? Bug#1000434: RM: libbiod -- ROM; Does not build with gcc-11, unmaintained upstream, no reverse-depends any more Re: Bug#984243: Help: mothur: ftbfs with GCC-11 Bug#992044: marked as done (ITP: libgoby-java -- next-generation sequencing data and results analysis tool) Bug#995294: marked as done (ITP: tipp -- taxonomic identification and abundance profiling tool) catch-22 Re: Debian maintainer for MRIcron debian med blend thermometer unrelated crux should probably be crux-toolkit Debian Med video conference tomorrow, Tuesday 2021-11-02 18:00 UTC Debian Med video conference tomorrow, Wednesday 2021-11-17 18:00 UTC Heudiconv moved to Debian Med repository I injected so many packages to have good chances to receive and fix bug #1000000 ;-) [ Bug#1000000: marked as done (phast: depends on obsolete pcre3 library)] Is Omictools down? (Was: Bug#999489: perm: homepage change) itksnap (Was: Progress in merging neurodebian team?) Kontakt via Website Re: libcifpp libjung-java needs some love libpdb-redo Moved dcmstack to Debian Med team - any idea how to fix test failure? Moving htcondor to Debian Med and trying to upgrade MRIcron ncbi-vdb does not build on i386 thus migration is blocked ncbi-vdb plans (fixing i386, enabling arm64) no report generation, likely not only for pigx-rnaseq Re: What happened to r-cran-jquerylib ? Please lets coordinate itk4/itk5 issues (Was: Bug#984063) Progress in merging neurodebian team? Re: Project proposal for the Debian Med group pyranges has two test failures Request to (re)join debian-med Re: RFH: Getting fastp building on more archs RM profphd? Sight does not build on i386 Re: Testing excuses for sight ? Thanks a lot for enabling igv in main [Was: igv_2.6.3+dfsg2-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable] Re: Where can we find latest upstream source of beads Zim versus CherryTree The last update was on 20:00 GMT Tue Nov 23. There are 123 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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