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Debian Med video conference tomorrow, Wednesday 2021-11-17 18:00 UTC


this is the call for the next video conference of the Debian Med team
that are an established means to organise the tasks inside our team.
We do these conferences twice per month on every

   2th  and  17th

of a month.  Usually it takes us only 15-20 minutes depending what we are
talking about and how many people are joining. The next meeting is
tomorrow 18:00 UTC


The meeting is on the Debian Social channel


These video meetings were started in the Debian Med Biohackathon.
The topic is what contributors have done in the past period and to
coordinate the work until the next meeting.

For those who are interested in hot topics we want to tackle, here
are some action items to be done:

  - Coordinating work for bioconductor transition (to be started soon)

  - Effort to package tensorflow and other ML software which is
    used in several applications that are used to fight COVID-19.
    The precondition bazel to package tensorflow was a direct
    consequence of a Debian Med hackathon and it was even

  - Package software that is used to fight COVID-19 which we are
    listing in some spreadsheet[2].  It reaches from small tools
    up to complex software packages.  There should be targets for
    everybody who wants to join us.

  - General Debian Med issues not directly connected to COVID-19

  - Updating packages with failing watch files

Newcomers are always welcome.


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