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Re: Zim versus CherryTree

On 17/11/2021 15:10, Steven Robbins wrote:
On Wednesday, November 17, 2021 4:00:30 A.M. CST Tony Travis wrote:

I use the "zim" personal Wiki for this purpose which, although it is not
ideal, is very simple to install from the Debian/Ubuntu repo's and easy
to use. I have been looking for a better alternative and was keen to try
out "Technotes". However, I have given up because it's too complicated.

May I suggest you look at "cherrytree" as an alternative to "Technotes",
because it looks quite similar and is more advanced than "Zim". It is
also available in the Debian/Ubuntu repo's. It is possible to import
notes from "Zim" into "cherrytree" and I am evaluating it for my own

Hello!  I have also long been using Zim for informal note taking.  It is
adequate but if there's something better, I'd be keen to hear about it.  Maybe
you (or anyone!) would post your experience comparing the two?

Hi, Steve.

I'm still undecided about CherryTree because it doesn't import all the Zim Wiki markup properly. In particular it does not import URL's and only seems to import text formatting (e.g. bold and italics). I also find the user interface quite clumsy in comparison to Zim. For example, when I select 'bold' text, the toolbar icon does not indicate that bold text is selected as it does in Zim. This is not a show-stopper, of course, but after trying quite hard to move over to CherryTree I find myself back using Zim again because it is so easy to use and mostly does everything that I want, but with the notable exception of not allowing me to sort search results by date. Zim's multi-page support is also lack-lustre when e.g. trying to move items from one page to another with both pages open in separate windows - Zim makes one window read-only!

Please post here any good Zim alternatives that you discover.



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