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Re: Progress in merging neurodebian team?

Hi Yaroslav,

Am Sat, Nov 13, 2021 at 05:21:52PM -0500 schrieb Yaroslav Halchenko:
> > There are packages I gave up.  For instance I have some mental note on
> > fsl saying: non-free, outdated (upstream has version 6.0) and terribly
> > complex.
> yeah, don't bother with FSL!  Even though still popular, non-free
> license, and no longer fully open source AFAIK.

So shouldn't we file an RFM bug against fsl?
> If any other alternative in purpose -- pick up AFNI please.
> Major (if not all) licensing issues were resolved, we never uploaded to
> debian proper though.  Upstream is very receptive and friendly.
> Problems:
> - age (in how long it has been out there, but it is still active)
> - original build infrastructure was "suboptimal",Michael redid in cmake,
>   upstream worked on establishing their own cmake build infra but they
>   are not actively use it 
> our aged, not updated in awhile packaging:
> https://github.com/neurodebian/afni/tree/debian
> upstream: https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/ 
> https://github.com/afni/afni

I transfered https://salsa.debian.org/neurodebian-team/afni (and
afni-data) to Debian Med team.  Would you mind checking the status from
Github to ensure we have the latest packaging status if someone might
want to continue?

Kind regards



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