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Re: Heudiconv moved to Debian Med repository

Am Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 12:08:18PM -0500 schrieb Yaroslav Halchenko:
> > Nilesh asked me to move this one and I guess he has some reason to pick
> > this.  Current Debian stable has debhelper 13 so this should be no
> > issue.  Debhelper 13 is also backported for old-stable - so I do not see
> > any potential breaks here.
> if need comes (e.g. upstream wants backports on older
> debian/ubuntu), I just would like to reserve the right

You remain Uploader of this package and thus for sure you have any
"right" on it. ;-)

> to provide
> "dsc" patches under debian/patches -- they would not be listed in
> debian/patches/series, so will not interfere but would simplify building
> backports for neurodebian

That's perfectly fine. 

Kind regards



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