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Re: Thanks a lot for enabling igv in main [Was: igv_2.6.3+dfsg2-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable]

Hi Andreas,

Le 09/11/2021 à 18:29, Andreas Tille a écrit :
Hi Pierre,

Am Tue, Nov 09, 2021 at 06:02:39PM +0100 schrieb Pierre Gruet:
If you are not able to reproduce I can send a full build log.  It would
be fine for me if you would just fix - build - upload yourself.  I just
wanted to help a bit. ;-)

Sure, thanks for your help on this! Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce
this failure at home, so I would enjoy getting your build log please.

Sent via private mail to not bloat the list archive with binary files.

Thanks! I saw the test failing on your side is a thread safety test. DO you have any idea why it fails on your machine? Are you enabling some multithread features by default...? Just trying to guess.

I still have in mind some failures in libsis-jhdf5-java, which were caused
by a tricky garbage collector problem showing up on some machines only. We
eventually got this fixed, but I truly hope it will be far easier with igv.

Smells like excluding the test is a sensible thing.  On the other hand
if Salsa-CI and autobuilders would be OK I'd be fine if you do a source
only upload.

I should say I am hesitating to remove the test about thread safety, and it is true things are OK on Salsa-CI and on the autobuilders. Yet, before source-only-uploading, I would like to at least dig a bit on the issue you are facing. But if we cannot reproduce it, then I think a source-only upload will be OK.

Kind regards


Best regards,


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