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Re: Testing excuses for sight ?

On 11/22/21 3:41 PM, Flavien Bridault wrote:
Hello guys,

I need your advice to understand why sight 21.0.0-2 can't migrate to testing. From what I see on https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/sight, it seems a dependency, opencv is non-migratable. If I look at this package I understand the latest 4.5.4 is indeed non migratable. But there is a 4.5.3 version in testing, which would be perfectly sufficient for sight to build and run.

Is this really the problem preventing sight from migrating ? If yes, can I do something to use 4.5.3, instead ? If not, what is the problem ?

Maybe this auto-opencv transition ?

Yes. This. opencv is blocked from migrating hene stalling sight migration too.
See [1,2]
There is also a RC bug against opencv preventing migration, which has been fixed, but in experimental.
So that needs to be uploaded to unstable too.

[2]: https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=opencv


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