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Re: libcifpp


On 2021-10-13 16:31, Maarten L. Hekkelman wrote:
> Yes, libcifpp is still in the queue @ftp-master. But I uploaded a new
> package to salsa anyway. This one brings a new upstream version and also
> includes the new update mechanism as proposed here.
> Would be nice if anyone with more power than I have is willing to upload
> this package, as soon as it is possible of course. A review of the
> package would also be welcome.

libcifpp has cleared NEW queue a couple of days ago. I see that salsa
already contains changelog entry for 2.0.4-1 which will again require
passing through NEW due to libcifpp1 -> libcifpp2. Maarten, is the
packaging ready to be uploaded?

Nilesh, you seem to have uploaded 1.0.1-5, but its changelog entry is in
separate branch. Could you please merge it to master to maintain
continuous package history?


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