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Zim versus CherryTree

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021 4:00:30 A.M. CST Tony Travis wrote:

> I use the "zim" personal Wiki for this purpose which, although it is not
> ideal, is very simple to install from the Debian/Ubuntu repo's and easy
> to use. I have been looking for a better alternative and was keen to try
> out "Technotes". However, I have given up because it's too complicated.
> May I suggest you look at "cherrytree" as an alternative to "Technotes",
> because it looks quite similar and is more advanced than "Zim". It is
> also available in the Debian/Ubuntu repo's. It is possible to import
> notes from "Zim" into "cherrytree" and I am evaluating it for my own

Hello!  I have also long been using Zim for informal note taking.  It is 
adequate but if there's something better, I'd be keen to hear about it.  Maybe 
you (or anyone!) would post your experience comparing the two?


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