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Re: libpdb-redo

Hi Andrius,

Op 08-11-2021 om 13:11 schreef Andrius Merkys:
A new version of libpdb-redo is ready for upload to experimental (new
SONAME, new package libpdb-redo2).

Could someone have a look and upload this, please?
Does libpdb-redo require new libcifpp? I could give it a look. I have
never done interdependent transitions, but I have not read anything
forbidding them too.

Yes, the new libcifpp is required. But mainly because I've switched to cmake entirely for building software, and the cmake file of libpdb-redo requires the cmake config files from libcifpp.

I could build and test the package using sbuild and the --extra-package flag in order to pick up the libcifpp deb's.


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