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Re: Sight does not build on i386

Hi Andreas,

We do support i386, we even patched an fixed upstream few months ago.

I'll have a look tomorrow. But this seems a bit weird since the error comes from the linker that does not find ITKFFT (/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lITKFFT). At first sight, I don't understand why is this arch dependent, unless this library does not build on i386.

Kind regards,

Dr. Flavien BRIDAULT
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Le 01/11/2021 à 08:41, Andreas Tille a écrit :
Hi Flavien,

I wanted to do a source-only upload of sight but I realised it does not
build on i386[1].  I'm not sure whether you intend to support i386 but
if not this should be explicitly declared as amd64 only.

Kind regards


[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=sight&arch=i386&ver=21.0.0-1&stamp=1635274833&raw=0

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