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BOOT PENDRIVE .IMG SOLVED! Bug#430566: marked as done (xserver-xorg postinst calls xresprobe that makes running X server flick) Bug#431160: Caching mechanism for local-packagelists seems not to work Bug#431160: More infos Bug#431726: missing copyright statements Bug#431748: live-helper: lh_chroot_syslinux fails when run under dash Bug#431748: live-helper: lh_chroot_syslinux fails when run under dash Bug#433611: Completely offline CD build Bug#433611: marked as done (Completely offline CD build) Bug#433612: Duplicate grub lines Bug#433612: marked as done (Duplicate grub lines) Bug#433612: reopening 433612 Bug#433612: Why? Bug#434481: live-helper: option names mismatch in make-live Bug#434481: marked as done (live-helper: option names mismatch in make-live) Bug#435216: live-helper: make-live -d sid does not work Bug#435216: marked as done (live-helper: make-live -d sid does not work) Cant Mount ntfs drive from live CD Check_package () buggy? s/if `Chroot ...`/[ -n "`Chroot ...`"] remount unionfs causes hang cifs mount bug console mode Correction to the settings of sources.list.binary creating ubuntu-live images with live-helper Custom Kernel Debian Live Downloads: BitTorrent Debian-Live Feedback debian-live mailinglists debian live under an alternate kernel debian standard Debootstrap? fix md5sum sum for filenames with spaces gnome error Image QA installing software It's practical to dump an image to a Pendrive ? kernel crash repository GPG error live-helper_1.0~a17-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-helper 1.0~a17-1 MIGRATED to testing live-helper_1.0~a18-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-helper 1.0~a18-1 MIGRATED to testing live-helper_1.0~a19-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-helper 1.0~a19-1 MIGRATED to testing live-helper_1.0~a20-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-helper question live-initramfs 1.91.2-1 MIGRATED to testing live-initramfs_1.91.3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-initramfs 1.91.3-1 MIGRATED to testing live-initramfs_1.91.4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-initramfs_1.91.5-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-initramfs 1.91.5-1 MIGRATED to testing live-initramfs_1.91.6-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-initramfs: nfsopts fixing live-initramfs override disparity long filenames again memtest and grub missing export My inability to make use of your project netboot and two flavours New options in live-initramfs News from the autobuilder Noise from fsck No subject nvidia drivers [patch] fix paths for pxelinux PENDRIVE .IMG FILE FAILS TO BOOT! Problem building a live system : where to look for causes ? Problem to use rawwrite Problem with chroot in lh_binary Processed: Re: Bug#431160: More infos Processed: reopening 433612 Processed: severity of 431726 is normal Processed (with 3 errors): your mail Processed: your mail Processing of live-helper_1.0~a17-1_i386.changes Processing of live-helper_1.0~a18-1_i386.changes Processing of live-helper_1.0~a19-1_i386.changes Processing of live-helper_1.0~a20-1_i386.changes Processing of live-initramfs_1.91.3-1_i386.changes Processing of live-initramfs_1.91.4-1_i386.changes Processing of live-initramfs_1.91.5-1_i386.changes Processing of live-initramfs_1.91.6-1_i386.changes [Semi-VAC] Berlin, 2007-07-21 - 2007-07-27 shutdown problem with cifs Stumped with kernel swap partition in Flash drives timezone usb img build Where is my cow? The last update was on 20:40 GMT Thu Aug 28. There are 225 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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