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New options in live-initramfs

Hello guys,

In last days, I have revised the boot procedure in a Debian Live system,  
adding some useful options, I submit those to you, consider if that is 

A litlle explanation of those options:

ROOTDELAY=10s # must be allways enabled, because we are working with slow USB 
devices, and it takes some time to register them

don't scan floppies for valid partitions anymore; because scanning floppy 
produces the redo_fd_request bug, in some machines; and floppies have very 
little capacity to store files, 

Check better for FSTYPE, detect invalid devices and don't scan them for 

when a timezone is specified, specify also UTC=no in /etc/default/rcS

Options name is not case sensitive; but when needed, their values are stored 
in their original lettercase.

noeject - when stopping system; don't prompt to eject boot media and 
don't eject also,

profile=name - the name of the desired profile, to be used in /etc/live.conf 
to set a configuration depending on his value, 

netconfig=domain,ipnameserver1,ipnameserver2 - when a static ip address is 
specified, we need also that values

rootpersistence=rootpartitionlabel - the label of the partition containg the   
persistent root filesystem, live-rw by default

norootpersistence  - don't check for root persistence

homepersistence=homepartitionlabel - the label of the partition containg the 
persistent home filesystem, home-rw by default

nohomepersistence  - don't check for home persistence

rootsnapshotlabel=label  ( and so on )




nosnapshots - don't look for snapshots at all

systemdir=SystemDirName - the name of the directory containing 
filesystem.squashfs and other system files ( /live by default )

Attached is a file with the modifications I did, and in some manner, tested, 

Best regards,

Jordi Pujol

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