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Bug#433611: Completely offline CD build

Enrico Tassi wrote:
> I really would like to be able to build (or better rebuild) a CD 
> image offline, that is using the packages cache.

/me too, that's why it's on my todo[0].

> As far as I understand this is now impossible because some software like
> grub, squashfs and genisoimages are installed/removed every time (and if
> you are offline also the 'update' fails).

grub and friends are not the problem, they can be cached too. even the
indices could be cached.

the real one and only problem where there is no change in sight (and
that's what making offline builds not possible): cdebootstrap does
insist on fetching indices again, even if they are already present in
/var/cache/bootstrap. i've asked waldi about long time ago (more or less
precisely a year ago now), and he is strictly against it.

> Is it feasible to have a two mode operation? one in which this stuff is
> installed inside the chroot (nice idea to not require this stuff to be
> installed on the host) and the other in which all the necessary is
> installed on the host. The second mode also allows not to copy the
> entire chroot (that by the way has recently been reverted to the slow cp
> -a instead of cp -al).

i can complete caching stuff for the rest of the packages and indices,
but bootstrapping will always require connection as explained above.

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