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It's practical to dump an image to a Pendrive ?

I would appreciate a translation to English regarding the manual
installation of the Debian Live system. This is an area I have been working
on (and struggling with) also.

Thanks for your contribution.


On 7/10/07, Jordi Pujol <jordi_pujol at telefonica.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> About testing the procedure described in DebianLive/Howto/USB,
> working from a Debian GNU/Linux system,
> I have downloaded the image USB for the KDE desktop and I have dumped it
> to
> the PenDrive using the dd command.
> Inconvenient,
> - As it was predicted, the complete formatting of the Pendrive is produced
> - the Pendrive starts syslinux but then this does not find the files of
> kernel
> and ramdisk. To start is necessary do a syslinux reinstall.
> - Some versions of Windows are capable of recognize only the first
> partition
> of the Pendrive, the other partitions cannot be shared with Windows, and
> here
> is where the user should save their documents.
> - Casper gives errors of synchronization with the Pendrive, cannot write
> or
> read some sectors, the operating system does not work correctly.
> After that unsuccessful experience, I have downloaded the ISO and
> installed
> manually the files,
> create the following partitions on the Pendrive
> 1- vfat, to store user documents and share with other operating systems
> 2- ext3, with label "home-rw"
> 3- ext3 or vfat, containing the system files
> 4- swap,
> copy manually, from the ISO package, the system files and install the boot
> manager,
> Observe that this operating system works without problems, does not give
> errors of synchronization and shares the documents with the user of
> Windows.
> Conclusion,
> - The USB image is valid only for certain models of Pendrive, in some
> models
> produces an incorrect file system
> - is not practical to dump an image to the first partition of the
> Pendrive,
> the user should be able to choose the partition of installation and do an
> advanced formatting of the Pendrive. (as if was a procedure of
> installation of
> a real Debian). It's necessary a more accurate installation procedure for
> an
> USB Pendrive, meanwhile a manual install gives good results,
> I wrote an article about this experience in:
> http://gilug.org/?q=node/301
> It's in Catalan language, I supose latin origined language speakers should
> not
> have problems to understand,
> A question :
> There is an article for a manual installation of the "Debian Live" system
> files on USB ?
> if not, I could translate that article to English as a first try to create
> one,
> Best Regards,
> Jordi Pujol
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