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About integration of remarks received after RFR messages [BTS#539606] templates://rpm/{rpm.templates} [BTS#540139] templates://elmerfem/{elmer.templates} [BTS#541769] templates://bugzilla/{bugzilla3.templates} [BTS#541770] templates://vpb-driver/{libvpb0.templates} [BTS#543305] templates://rocksndiamonds/{templates} [BTS#544100] templates://phpwiki/{templates} Re: DevRef 6.2.2, round three Help to improve new package (djmount) Re: Help to improve new package (djmount) [SOLVED] help to improve the description of remotetea package help to improve the tango package. [ITR] templates://aolserver4/{aolserver4.templates} Re: [ITR] templates://apt-cacher-ng/{apt-cacher-ng.templates} [ITR] templates://bacula/{bacula-director-sqlite3.templates} [ITR] templates://phpwiki/{templates} [ITR] templates://rocksndiamonds/{templates} [ITR] templates://wireshark/{templates} [LCFC] templates://bugzilla/{bugzilla3.templates} [LCFC] templates://elmerfem/{elmer.templates} [LCFC] templates://phpwiki/{templates} [LCFC] templates://rocksndiamonds/{templates} [LCFC] templates://vpb-driver/{libvpb0.templates} Request for review of a package description [RFR] templates://phpwiki/{templates} [RFR] templates://rocksndiamonds/{templates} [RFR] templates://vpb-driver/{libvpb0.templates} [TAF] templates://bacula/{bacula-director-sqlite3.templates} [TAF] templates://rocksndiamonds/{templates} [TAF] templates://tftp-hpa/{tftpd-hpa.templates} [TAF] templates://wireshark/{templates} The last update was on 12:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 81 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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