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Re: [LCFC] templates://rocksndiamonds/{templates}

>> This is the last call for comments for the review of debconf
>> templates for rocksndiamonds.

JBR> Looks fine.  But I'm not sure we should be hurrying to get the
JBR> translators to work on this one.

JBR> ArtSoft's download page has been dead for at least a month, so the
JBR> package's postinst currently fails.  The fact has been reported (bug
JBR> #538857), but the maintainer declared it fixed on the grounds that
JBR> it was an upstream issue.  If so, it's one that shows no sign of
JBR> getting better.  I've mailed info@artsoft.org but had no reply yet.

I have written to artsoft's owners (and authors of rocksndiamonds). He
says that it is temporary problems, and he will repair his site ASAP.

JBR> Trawling Google's cache I find that the last update of the ArtSoft
JBR> web pages pointed at "http://www.jb-line.de/rnd/rnd_start_e.html";,
JBR> which talks about a forked version.  So the game may be salvageable,
JBR> although all the download links for that site lead to dead URLs.
... mpd is off

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