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Re: Request for review of a package description

2009/8/10 Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>:

Hello =)

I'm flattered to receive an email from Ben Finney himself regarding my
work in Debian.

> Dmitrijs Ledkovs <dmitrij.ledkov@gmail.com> writes:
> Is Xiphos essentially one program, or several?

Just one =)

> I would re-work these into “what's this about” features, versus “what
> makes this package special” features:
> These three paragraphs seem to dominate the description; hopefully you
> agree that the re-worked intruduction above makes most of this redundant.

Your other suggestions have been taken on board and merged / accepted
with a few changes from Justin =)

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> Ben Finney <ben@benfinney.id.au>

Funny =)

With best regards

Dmitrijs Ledkovs (for short Dima),
Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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