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Re: [ITR] templates://apt-cacher-ng/{apt-cacher-ng.templates}

On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 11:30:08PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > 
> > So you specifically mean origins?  This is gradually getting
> Why do you mean by saying "origin"?
> > clearer.  Should the line about "various distributions" have said
> > something like this?
> > 
> >       single client system. To configure it, a set of URL remappings
> >       needs to be set up for each APT origin.
> Ugh, this confuses even me. What is an "APT origin"? Something you got
> APT from?

I think 'APT repository' would be clearest here, yes? Although, it
sounds like a repository from which one installs APT, so maybe 'for each
repository APT will use', possibly substituting 'APT-Cacher NG' for 'APT'.

> "Reverted" sounds evil, I just forgot to merge it. Rereading mine
> version, I don't like it now. I don't like yours either, we don't cache
> "the source". IMHO the one from approx sounds better:
> Description: caching proxy server for Debian archive files
> Making it more generic may make more sense... I cannot decide.
> Description: caching proxy server for system distribution package files

'system distribution package files' feels unwieldy to me; I suggest
something like:

  Description: caching proxy server for software repositories

> Here is the version I was talking about plus changed short description:
> Description: caching proxy server for Debian archive files
>  Apt-Cacher NG is a caching proxy for download of packages from Debian-style
>  software repositories and may also support other package types.
>  .
>  The main principle is a central machine which hosts the proxy for a local
>  network, and clients configure their APT setup to download through it.
>  Apt-Cacher NG keeps a copy of all useful data that passes through it, and when
>  a similar request is made, the cached copy of the data is delivered without
>  being re-downloaded.
>  .
>  Apt-Cacher NG has been designed from scratch as a replacement for
>  apt-cacher, but with a focus on maximizing throughput with low system
>  resource requirements. It can also be used as replacement for apt-proxy and
>  approx with no need to modify clients' sources.list files.
> And the changed templates file:
> __Choices: Set up once, Set up now and update later, No automated setup
> _Default: Set up once
> _Description: Configure apt-cacher-ng for request URL remapping?
>  Apt-cacher-ng can download packages from remote sites different from the ones

Keeping the case consistent here would be nice; using the software's
name instead of the package name gets nearly around the initial
upper-case letter:

   Apt-Cacher NG can download..

Then the language gets a little jumbled. I suggest:

   Apt-Cacher NG can download packages from repositories other than those
   requested by the clients. This enables quicker initial configuration of
   clients, and one place to change mirrors later.

>  that client system assume to download from. The advantage of this method is
>  an easier initial configuration of client systems and the possibility of
>  a quick mirror change afterwards.
>  .
>  This remapping of URLs can be configured now in an automated way based on the
>  current state of /etc/apt/sources.list. Optionally, this process can be
>  repeated on every package update (modifying the configuration files each
>  time).
>  .
>  Selecting "No automated setup" will leave the existing configuration
>  unchanged. It will need to be updated manually.

Jonathan Wiltshire

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