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Re: help to improve the tango package.

Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
>> This boilerplate might be better if it gave some hint about what
>> TANGO is, but that's not really essential.
> In fact TANGO is a sort of software bug that let process runing on
> different computers communicate using the CORBA layer.

[Do you mean s/bug/kludge/?]

> But writing
> directly is difficult, TANGO hide this CORBA layer and propose
> a simpler way to exchange information between process. All TANGO object are
> like C++ Object with attributes and methods.
> the interface of a Tango devices is made of 2 different things
> - attributes of different types (double, float , int ...) and (scalar, spectrum, image)
> so an attribute can be an image of double (2 dimensions) or an spectrum of int (1 dimension)
> - commands that can be called from other devices.

This may be a good explanation for C++ developers of how the API is
implemented, but the reason you went to all the trouble of hiding
the CORBA layer is that users shouldn't need to know about it!  So
instead of talking about CORBA in the description for packages like
tango-db, could you include a few words to explain what "TANGO
devices" are (in terms of what they're for)?

They seem to be software objects designed to represent categories of
hardware devices; but if the hardware it's being used for is
particle accelerators, isn't that also worth mentioning somewhere? 

>>   Description: TANGO distributed control system - database server
>>    TANGO is an object oriented distributed control system using CORBA. In
>>    TANGO all objects are representations of devices, which can be on the
>>    same computer or distributed over a network. Communication between
>>    devices uses CORBA and can be synchronous, asynchronous or event driven.
>>    .
>>    This package provides a TANGO database server using MySQL.
> Eventually, I would prefere devices process instead of device ?

[False friend: s/eventually/possibly/?]
> In TANGO all objects are representations of devices process,

Perhaps you mean "representations of device processes"?  But you're
taking it for granted that readers understand what a device process
is, and if they're at all like me, they won't.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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