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About integration of remarks received after RFR messages

I feel the need to add the following precision about my work method
for reviews, mostly between RFR and LCFC.

You may be surprised by not seeing me answering to suggestions made
after a request for review... Indeed when all suggestions make sense
to me, I just integrate them silently.

This is always the case for about 99% for suggestions made by Justin,
who I trust blindly after more than 2 years of constant work in
reviewing various stuff.

So, when reviewed texts are proposed as LCFC, they always integrate
received suggestions.

That may leave room for improvement as it does not really encourage
other reviewers to step up. Please say so if that the case and if an
RFR2 would help. Otherwise, please assume that the file posted by the
reviewer *is* indeed the RFR2 file and, thus, followup on that review.

Please, of course, don't take this anything else than "I don't have
enough time for ACKs and express regards"... I really put a lot of
value in you guys work and your reviews are certainly what keeps all
this process working (oh my....my English is really too poor for me to
express what I really wanted to say here...hope you'll get the point anyway).

I just felt like I had to say this. Now let's go back to run through
my mail reading..:-)


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