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"Run Command" dialog: 'designer' launches wine права на вложения KMail [sarge] Konqueror 3.3.2 crashes Re: [SOLVED] Define KDEHOME Accessing USB drive via Konqueror fails Any KDE way of reencoding id3 tags? As the concrete can not start kdesktop_lock Define KDEHOME flash plugin on x86_64?!? I think you know what this is about RE: Important Re: kaddressbook and kbarcode KDE (not GNOME) upon installation kde 3.5.5: 'large' gap between menu/tree/list lines kde backup KDE dies after login with KDM KDM auto-login user after x secs KDM autologin user after x secs Re: kmail deposits attachments in /tmp.... Re: Kmail does not delete old mail headers krfb_httpd eating CPU Kwallet + kdesu? Limewire client Loss of Start Menu Missing DCOP interface in konsole? noatun and kaboodle config nVidia mismatch nVidia mismatch (2) patch for generating kde cds Fwd: PATH variable in KDE Printing from Konqueror file manager view problems starting KDE after xorg update Ref: NOEL4401 Company's Representative Required request removing of message. root password starting kmail in the system tray superkaramba for kontact Using KDE docbook's on Debian Visor does't sync ways xorg not installing Re: xorg not installing - Fixed! Re: xorg not installing - Fixed? The last update was on 06:13 GMT Tue Aug 20. There are 145 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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