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Re: xorg not installing - Fixed?

On Friday 03 November 2006 12:44, Florian Kulzer wrote:

> > That's the last line of output.  If I try to reinstall discover, however,
> > aptitude simply tries to install xorg again and it freezes again. 
> > apt-get does the same.  There's also no change if I do an aptitude clean
> > and then try to download the package again.
> I think there are two possible approaches:
> 1) Find out why discover fails. You can run it yourself as root with the
>    "-d" option. Maybe you will get some error messages that explain the
>    behavior of the postinst script.

"discover" on its own reports each piece of hardware multiple times in a row, 
then seems to freeze after reporting my video card three times:

nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce 6600/GeForce 6600 GT]

The card was installed a few months ago, and I know things have been upgraded 
since then.  If I run discover -v (verbose), then it doesn't get very far at 

rigel:~# discover -v
 Loading XML data... ata pci pcmcia scsi usb Done
Scanning buses... ata pci pcmcia scsi usb     
Then it freezes.  Ctrl+C doesn't even work.

> 2) You decide that you do not care about 1) and just get rid of
>    discover:

>    Another thing to try is if "discover1" works better than "discover":
>    http://ftp.debian.org/pool/main/d/discover1/

Now this is fascinating.  If I just switch directly to discover1:

aptitude install discover1

Then it removes discover, installs discover1, sees that xserver-xorg is not 
fully installed and successfully installs it!  Whatever the difference is 
between discover and discover1, it looks like discover is broken on my system 
but discover1 isn't.  Very weird.

I'm going to try restarting X and see if it survives.  If you don't hear from 
me, it means my system is dead. ;-)  Thanks.

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