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On Sunday 26 November 2006 16:42, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Sunday 26 November 2006 16:11, Oliver Meißner-Knippschild wrote:

Currently, I edit startke to set KDEHOME, KDEDIRS, etc, and it would be nice 
to move that stuff into a separate file so that I don't have to edit startkde 
each time I update. I build from KDE source rather than use the Debian 
packages, so perhaps that could make a difference.

> > is only the startkde-environment using those scripts or does it
> > contain system-wide scripts? When are those files in /usr/env sourced
> > and by which processes would that be done?
> Only used by startkde.
> Just search for "env", around line 160 in startkde

This is executed *AFTER* KDEHOME is set in startkde. How can setting KDEHOME 
in an env/ directory work in that case?

> Since KDE can handle a list of prefix directories, it can also handle env/
> subdir in each of them. Can be used to do user specific extensions, etc

AFAICS the only prefix directories it looks in are the directories in the KDE 
executable path, but replacing the bin suffix with env.

David Jarvie

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