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Re: [sarge] Konqueror 3.3.2 crashes

On 13/11/06, Arthur Marsh wrote:

> Nick Boyce wrote, On 13/11/06 12:42:
>> Well ... it's getting worse.  Tonight I couldn't view Slashdot at all
>> for several minutes.  Something on the front page was killing
>> Konqueror as soon as the page started loading.  At one point the crash
>> couldn't even produce a backtrace - the crash handler displayed a
>> message saying a stack corruption prevented a valid backtrace from
>> being produced.
>> some of the bug reports talk about needing backtraces with debug
>> symbols, or using debug builds ... can anyone tell me how one might do
>> that ?
> You may need the kdebase-dbg kdelibs-dbg packages - they provide the
> debugging symbols for the kdebase packages and kdelibs libraries.

Thanks for that ... except that a search at packages.d.o doesn't come up
with any such packages :)   There's a bunch of -dbg packages for other
apps, but none for KDE.

googling around, I found this page :
which says I'd have to compile konqueror myself, with the --enable-debug
switch.  Hmmm.  I'm afraid I just don't have the time for that right now.

Thanks anyway.

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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