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Re: KDE (not GNOME) upon installation

On Thursday 09 November 2006 15:37, Stephen Frazier wrote:
> The only way I have found to install KDE desktop is to use a preseed file.
> After you boot the install cd, insert a floppy disk with a preseed file on
> it. On the install screen type "install file=/floppy/name.txt" to load the
> file from the disk. The file must contain the line -
>     tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard, kde-desktop
> It may also contain answers to other questions that you don't want to have
> displayed during the installation.
> Not having a option on the task select screen to install a  kde disktop is
> not a bug. It is a Broken As Designed (BAD).

It depends if not installing KDE is accidental, i.e. somebody forgot to add 
the KDE subtask to the desktop task, or if it is intentional, i.e. somebody 
decided not to add the KDE subtask.

Since this is about a Debian installer, I see no reason to believe that it has 
been intentional. Debian developers responsible for base infrastructure do 
not impose personal choices, I am pretty sure such a misbehavior wouldn't be 
tolerated by the rest of them.


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