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Be careful with uploads Re: Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze? Re: Bug#511325: haskell-hxt? Re: Bug#559978: pandoc FTBFS Re: Bug#567719: ITP: haskell-sdl -- Haskell SDL binding for GHC Bug#572054: RM: ghc6 [ia64] -- ROM; fails to build on ia64 Bug#572163: ITP: haskell-mmap0.4 -- Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows Bug#572281: RM: haskell-utils -- RoM; superceded by haskell-devscripts Bug#572585: Some armel haskell givebacks Bug#572630: Another armel give-back Re: Bug#572637: ITP: haskell-non-negative -- Non-negative numbers for Haskell Re: Bug#572637: ITP: haskell-non-negative -- Non-negative numbers for Haskell Bug#572760: FTBFS: /dev/urandom: hGetChar: invalid argument (Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character) Bug#572899: Another armel give-back Bug#573094: Haskell armel binNMUs Bug#573101: give-back on armel Bug#573101: hdbc give-back on armel Bug#574107: RM: hs-plugins -- ROM; Bitrot, does not compile any more Bug#574690: ITP: haddock-leksah -- a documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries Bug#574691: ITP: binary-shared -- sharing for the binary package Bug#574692: ITP: haskell-ltk -- leksah tool kit Bug#574693: ITP: haskell-leksah-server -- metadata collection for leksah Bug#574726: RM: haddock/experimental -- ROM; already removed from unstable Bug#575275: nmu: haskell-hstringtemplate_0.6.2-2 Bug#575422: Retry frown on kfreebsd-* building lkshm files darcs patch: Correct build. Re: darcs patch: Update to 0.4.7 (for Darcs 2.4). (and 3 more) Fwd: darcs version of haskell98-report doc-base ghc leaking memory? Re: hashed-storage vs. mmap Fwd: Re: [Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: direct-plugins-1.0 Re: [Haskell-cafe] ghc leaking memory? Re: [Haskell-cafe] Re: Bug#570284: O: washngo haskell documentation packages names (was: Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze?) haskell-hxt? haskell-type-level ready for upload Haskore non-Haskell dependencies Helium in Debian highlighting-kate is sometimes too heavy hlist 0.2 Re: hook e-mails Re: How should the Haskell maintainers work then? hppa and haskell packages Is frown still maintained? ITP for haskell-type-level and haskell-llvm ITP: haskell-llvm -- Haskell bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit ITP: haskell-type-level -- A Haskell library for type-level programming Re: Join the Debian Haskell Team? Leksah packages lhs2tex New version of Alex in darcs Not needed indeed OT: need help with library versioning conflicts (on BSD) Re: Package plugins and GHC 6.12 package template files Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: alex: New upstream 2.3.3. Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: haskell-llvm: Clean up Build-deps. Add install depends on llvm-dev. Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: haskell-llvm: Initial commit. Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: haskell-non-negative: Fix typo on documentation package's short description. Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: haskell-unixutils: debian/control: Long description format fixes. Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: haskell-utility-ht: Shorten description of libghc6-utility-ht-prof Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#570868: frown: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: lhs2TeX: ./Manual.lhs: hGetContents: invalid argument (Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character) Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#571354: Package plugins and GHC 6.12 Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Bug#574554: depends on X11 Platform 2010.1.0.0 Problems injecting my first package Pushing git changes (was Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] Processing of agda_2.2.6-5_amd64.changes) Re: Remaining transition packages RFS -- haskell-midi RFS: haskell-testpack RFS: haskell-{texmath,text,url} RFS -- several packages in Darcs RFS -- two more packages on the road to Haskore Support for dynamic libraries Re: vs. multiple versions in Sources Timed-out builds on armel Re: Timeouts Timeouts, Was: Bug#571745: nmu: highlighting-kate_0.2.5-4 transformers vs. mtl W file-missing-in-md5sums (113 packages) zip-archive - latest version The last update was on 10:20 GMT Wed Mar 31. There are 217 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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