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[no subject] "COMPACT" is not a member of a group specified for any attribute "People who installed X also have packages Y, Z and T installed" "Try and" grammar error on your web page at 404 Not Found Re: Опечатка add to cd vendors all links have "File not Found" errors Assistance Brazilian Debian Forum Broken "man pages" link: broken links Broken links on Bug#368761: [ping] please add kfreebsd-amd64 into Bug#404522: marked as done (Please update the PowerPC porters list) CD-Reseller Converting navbar images to PNG css validation Re: Debian sellers list Debian vendor Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by kraai: webwml/english/CD/faq index.wml Distributing Debian CDs Error in FAQ Error on the site Error Report: Frustrating floppy install Hallmark's anti-virus product has blocked an email from you because of the attachment name help How to fully translate vote pages ? says 4.0 is the latest stable I want to be an official Debian seller. Install libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 problem Re: Install libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 problem / woody should be removed from packages.d.o Interesting post from debian-www [Was:] Re: help Jigdo list missing 3.1r4 Lenght of vote bar in Link doesn't work Linux Cookbook page mirror more broken links New debian vendor in Poland New Seller from Ukraine New vendor in Poland Re: Out of date upgrade-reports page outdated bug graph p.s. Please can you add me to the CD vendors list Problems installing in M$ virtual machine (was: Link doesn't work) Problems regarding a CD vendor (was: Re: problemas com Allan Taborda.) Processed: outdated bug graph pytanie A question Ref :Bugs ref:bugs References to oldstable 404 Regarding Linux Installation release critical bugs list Request to add newbiedoc link to debian support websites SSL certficate for Testing netinstall images size Torrents inofficial stable amd64 Typo in DSA 1253-1? UK Supplier Update of Updating links for r5 CD images Vendor Vote page ISO 8859-1 but contains UTF-8? Re: web site bug report: language switches back to default every time you click a link web site bug report: language switches back to default every time you click a link What is the licence of Re: Who's using Debian Who's using Debian? Who's%20using%20Debian%3F Would enabling gzip on servers be usefull? Re: your mail ziyi_key_2007? The last update was on 04:24 GMT Mon Aug 14. There are 162 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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