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Distributing Debian CDs

I wish to distribute Debian CDs recorded from the Official CD iso images at my website Paguito.com.

*Vendor Name : Paguito.com
*URL of Vendor : http://www.paguito.com/
*Whether or not you donate some of the sale to Debian:
Yes We will donate 50%
*Type of CDs sold (see at the top of page for details) :
 CDs recorded by us using the Offical Debian CD Images.
*Country you are in : Mexico
*Do you ship orders overseas ("yes", "no", "some areas" or "within Europe") : Yes
*URL of a web page that has information about your Debian CDs :
*Email Address: telemarketing@paguito.com
*What architectures your CDs are for:
i386 ,powerpc
Thank you
Pablo Rendon

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