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Link doesn't work



I’m not sure I’m adressing a Dutch person right now so I’ll write my mail in English J


I tried to download the DVD distro from your primary server (as advised on your website).

However, I can’t download the ISO files:


1. On http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/

I clicked on “Bij twijfel, gebruik de primaire CD-image-server in Zweden.”


2. There I went to: http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current/i386/iso-dvd/


3. And there I clicked in the ISO files.


Result: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage



I just downloaded from a mirror though and now I have the files.

Just 1 problem: could the ISO be corrupt?

Because when I try to install it on a Microsoft Virtual Machine (to test it first) I says it can’t read from the cd-rom!

After a few setup screens I get the warning that it can’t read from the CD.

I get this message when he’s “loading the components for the Debian Installer”.

I used the option of Virtual Machine to use an ISO and I also mounted the ISO with Deamon Tools.

It doesn’t help: it keeps saying it can’t read the cd as soon as it starts loading the components from the Debian Installer.

But it does read from the cd-rom/dvd in the steps before that so it can read the cd-rom.

But could the rest of the ISO perhaps be corrupt?

Or does the problem lie with Virtual Machine perhaps?


Kind regards, Menno




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